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Approximately 20% of Zambian children attending schools are educated in poor community schools. A UNESCO report in 2016 said most didn’t have enough resources for their day-to-day running costs. Consequently, the majority of teachers are volunteers who are untrained. Training these teachers is essential, and it is the main aim of our charities.



Mr C. N. Shachele
Mr C. N. Shachele

“The two weeks of my training at this school was fantastic. I have enjoyed it and gained a lot. The programme had made me more passionate about teaching.”

“We greatly appreciate the work that TTCSZ is doing from the bottom of our hearts. We really don’t know what we would have done without you. They say knowledge is power, you have made us acquire the knowledge and skills that we never had before.”

Rev. H. S. Chomba
Rev. H. S. Chomba

“TTCSZ has taught me how to apply teaching to real life situations and how to plan lessons using many different methods of teaching.”

“The role of community schools in Zambia is to educate those who are vulnerable and orphans because they do not have enough money to pay for education in government or private schools. The training has really helped me teach these children.”


Our Achievements

  • Delivered 20 days of basic teacher training (free of charge) to over 150
    community school teachers from the Chibolya and Chawama Zones in Lusaka. T4Z is responsible for fundraising whilst TTCSZ designs and delivers the programs.
  • Currently providing comprehensive study bursaries to 3 community school teachers who are studying for degrees in primary education at Chalimbana University, Zambia.
  • Leased premises so we can establish a multi-functional Library/ Resource Centre. It will provide community school teachers and their pupils with access to computers, textbooks, storybooks, and a wide variety of teaching resources.




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