Training Teachers for Community Schools in Zambia & Teachers for Zambia

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    TTCSZ Postal address in Zambia P.O. Box 32125, Lusaka, Zambia. T4Z Postal address in UK 13 Gledholt Road, Huddersfield, HD1 3HD


    A Zambian registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), certificate RNGO/101/0601/16- Issue No 2. Re-registered for 5 years in February 2022.


    A UK charity registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales on 23rd October 2019, number 1185940.

    Your privacy is important to TTCSZ and T4Z.  We do not collect any personal information when you visit our website. TTCSZ and T4Z operate in line with GDPR guidance, only storing and using personal data once an individual has given their consent for us to do so.


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