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Why Should I Donate?

TTCSZ (Teacher Training for Community Schools in Zambia) and T4Z (Teachers for Zambia) rely heavily on the generosity of donors, both locally and internationally, to make a lasting impact on education in Zambia.


Your donation, regardless of its size, will be utilized responsibly and effectively toward our teacher training initiatives. We believe in transparency and accountability, and if you provide us with your personal details, we will keep you informed and engaged throughout the process. You will receive regular updates on how your contribution is being utilized to empower teachers through training programs.


We welcome donations from individuals and organizations, both from within the UK, Zambia, and beyond. Your support plays a crucial role in improving the quality of education in community schools, and together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of Zambian students.


Please consider making a donation and join us in our mission to provide better educational opportunities for teachers and students in Zambia. Your support will help us create a brighter future for the next generation.

General Donations

General donations are spent delivering 2 by 2-week training programmes to 25 community school teachers.

£5 buys a hot meal at lunchtime for 2 teachers

£10 buys basic training stationery for 5 teachers (writing pad, pen, pencil, eraser, folder, name tag)

£15 buys internet time for training 25 teachers to use the world wide web

£20 pays for photocopying training handouts for 25 teachers for 1 day

Special Donations

You could donate £25 to buy a ‘Buddy Box’ of stationery for a community school in Lusaka.

  • A ‘Student Stationery Box’ includes stationery for 25 children – exercise books, rulers, pencils, erasers, and biros.
  • A ‘Professional Buddy Box’ includes teaching materials for a community school – chalk, dusters, manila paper (for making teaching aids), marker pens, scissors, sharpeners, blu-tak, biros, and notepads.

You could donate £3,000 (or part of it) to provide a 4-year bursary so a community school teacher can study for a degree in primary education at a Zambian university. This sum will cover the following costs for the whole degree – university fees plus transport to residentials, food during residentials, internet and study book allowance, and printing and stationery.  This is a life-changing opportunity for a community school teacher. If you want to offer a volunteer teacher that fantastic opportunity, please get in touch with us via the boxes below.


If you pay for a Buddy Box you will receive a thank you photograph showing TTCSZ delivering it to community school representatives in Zambia.

If you donate towards a university bursary you will receive regular reports and updates on the teacher you are sponsoring.


If you are interested in donating, please email

T4Z is registered for Gift Aid with HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs). Gift Aid is a tax relief allowing T4Z to reclaim an extra 25% in tax on every eligible donation made by a UK taxpayer.


We greatly appreciate all donations and spend money responsibly.



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