Become a Volunteer

The quality and effectiveness of an education system depend heavily on the quality of its teachers

Ministry of Education, Zambia, 1996

Why Should I Volunteer?

  • If you think the education of young children is really important for their future, then volunteering is a way you can contribute to this charity and support teachers in local communities in Zambia.
  • If you are an experienced teacher, volunteering is an exciting opportunity to widen your teaching experience and develop a new generation of teachers in Zambia.

How can I get involved?

Volunteers in Zambia and the UK can get involved by donating their time and expertise, including:

Teaching/Training Skills

Fundraising Skills

Photographic Skills

Computer Skills

Website Skills

Communication Skills

Administration and Accounting Skills

If you are interested in volunteering, please email and tell us a little about yourself and how you would like to get involved.

We greatly appreciate the work of our volunteers. Without it, we couldn’t exist.



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