Get Involved

TTCSZ and T4Z welcome your support. There are three ways you can get involved:


Becoming a volunteer will help you learn about TTCSZ and T4Z, the work we do, our management teams and how we work together, the stakeholders who support us, and the community school teachers we train. It will also give you a chance to share ideas and experiences with teachers, trainers, and volunteers from Zambia and the UK.

If you are an individual, school, business, or organisation that shares our commitment to training teachers for community schools in Zambia and would like to make a donation, we welcome your contribution. It will help us provide quality training programs, resources, and support to community school teachers in Zambia, enabling them to create nurturing learning environments for students in their communities. Together, we can empower teachers and transform lives through education.


If you are a school, business or organisation, and want to contribute to poor communities in Zambia that are already trying very hard to help themselves, you might like to consider sponsoring specific activities and training resources.


We Welcome Your Support And Participation