Annie Nyirenda

I hold qualifications in Education, English language & literature, Zambian languages, and Applied Linguistics.  I am registered with the Teaching Council of Zambia.  My areas of experience include Teaching, Educational Management, Teacher Training, Curriculum Design, Teaching Methods, and Zambian Languages.  I have experience teaching English and Communication Skills/Academic writing/ Project Design.

I served as a teacher in Zambia under the Ministry of Education from 1987-97, as a children’s worker in Canada from 1999-2000, Day Centre Officer in the UK from 2003-2006, Lecturer in Kenya from 2008-2010, Programming & Training Specialist with Peace Corps 2012-2017, Lecturer -Harvest University 2018-20, BCE Programs Coordinator/ Literacy instructor & Trainer.

I started as a volunteer trainer with TTCSZ in 2019. I was not only inspired by the enthusiasm to learn that the community school teachers exhibited but I was also charmed by their desire to improve their classroom performance. TTCSZ provided the best atmosphere for teaching and learning and the resources at the disposal of these teachers were a demonstration of great planning. It is what the community school teachers need and deserve.